Run and Manage Redis Database

Provision, Upgrade, Scaling, Cache, Streaming engine, Volume Expansion, Monitor, Backup & Restore, and Security for Redis Databases on any Public & Private Cloud

For well-known cache, streaming engine, and database on private and public clouds, our solution is the industry leader in Real-Time Data Store, Caching and Session storing, and Database Management that streamlines and automates routine cache and database tasks like provisioning, monitoring, upgrading, patching, scaling, volume expansion, backup and restore, failure detection, and recovery. For its Day-2 activities, our solution created the first production-grade operator for Redis.

Redis’ speed makes it ideal for caching database queries, complex computations, API calls, and session state.

With Redis’ flexible in-memory data structures, it is possible to build a data infrastructure that will meet the demands of real-time applications that require low latency and high performance.


Using our solution, you can easily provision the Redis cache. You can easily understand having a thorough understanding of Helm and Redis server-side setup concepts. You can streamline the procedure with the solutions provided by us.

Version Upgrade

It is challenging to upgrade the cache and database version. There should be a particular sequence for upgrade operations. You can update your active Redis database version with our solution without experiencing any downtime. Any significant or small update to the Redis version is compatible with database upgrades.


You must ensure that your database is scalable to increase performance. Redis database is capable of both vertical and horizontal scaling. Utilizing our solution, you can easily expand your Redis cluster.

Volume Expansion

Increasing database volume guarantees your database’s high performance and availability. Using our solution, you can increase your Redis database’s storage.

Backup & Restore

You’ll need a disaster recovery option for your database to shield it from accidental data loss. We ensure to provide you with the solutions to back up and restore your Redis database.


Your data must pass through a cryptographic protocol that offers end-to-end security of the data transmission over the network to protect a database. With our solution, you can save your Redis database. Additionally, we enable you to use encrypted storage for your databases using keys that you control via the key management tool provided by your cloud provider.


We include built-in Prometheus monitoring functionality. To monitor your Redis database, use the built-in Prometheus scrapper or the CoreOS Prometheus Operator. The Grafana lets you see important operational measures like instance connections, I/O activity, compute memory, and storage capacity utilization.

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