What is PHR and why need PHR?

We provide the PHR solution  to store and manage personal health records. The solution is HIPAA compliant and facilitates individuals to synchronize their health records history for claiming health insurance and reference for future treatments. Our software stack helps keep the records private and enables encrypted transmission on the internet. With this stack, we can create health ID or PHR addresses that are linked to central ABDM databases via the consent manager and gateway.

PHR addresses can also be customized to match the synonyms dedicated for hospitals. (E.g. @hospitalname). PHR provides better access to patients’ medical records and helps improve engagement with your solutions.



    Compliant with NDHM
    HIPAA Compliant
    Customized PHR addresses
    Maintains records privacy and security
    Enables more quicker insurance claims
    Encrypted exchange of records on internet
    Integration with multiple Health Information Providers (HIPs)
    Health reduction in manual records access and maintenance

Two types of applications we provide

PHR Web and mobile application for end users

  • Users can download or use this for free
  • Integrated with HIPs (also ABDM) via consent manager
  • Aggregate and manage family PHR Addresses

PHR-as-a-service based model for Any healthcare organization, Labs and State Governments

  • Sell to Hospitals as each Hospital would like to create custom PHR addresses like user@mylab or user@myhospital @myclinic
  • Sell existing PHR platform as-a-service with white-labelling.
  • Web/Mobile application to Created UHID, Link it with Hospital
  • View Health Records
  • Management of consents
  • Provide Data Sharing Consent approvals
  • Grant and revoke consent to health records
  • Granular level and expire able consents

Consent Manager

Parserlabs Consent Manager is the secure platform that integrates with PHR applications to facilitate customized PHR addresses (e.g., @hospitalname). We provide a management interface with consent manager to enable the updates and process the consent requests. ABDM provides the consent manager facility registry to create PHR addresses (e.g., @ndhm). But to have personalized/customized PHR addresses, organizations require the PHR applications along with a custom-made consent manager that is integrated with the ABDM gateway.

Management of consents

  • Provide data sharing consent approvals
  • Grant and revoke consent to health records
  • Granular level and expire able consents

What is Consent Manager?

It is a software middleware system between Health Information Providers (HIPs) and Health Information (HIUs) that collects and pushes health records to requesting user, provided validity and authenticity. Consent manager can be linked to multiple HIPs from where a user can collect health records. HIUs with PHR addresses need to be linked with consent manager to share the requested health records.



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