Parserlabs Health ID is ABDM compliant software platform to enable the health organizations to getting started with ABDM mission. This platform contains all required applications and frameworks.

The platforms help create customized PHR addresses (ABHA) as per requirement from health organization or governments. It also comes with own consent manager registry to verify the PHR address locally as well as integrates with ABDM consent manager for central validation.



Key features

    UI customization
    Backend customization
    Customized PHR address
    Integration with voter ID, Aadhar, PAN
    Can be deployed in any premises with health compliance
    Cloud Native Architecture for Horizontal scalability and performance
    Tested with 25Cr Users with 20k concurrent Sessions
    Deploy into Private/Public Clouds
    Support for OIDC protocol for 3rd party logins
    Exposes standard REST APIs
    ABDM Compliant features
    In-built Operations Support portal for Visibility and Monitoring

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