Zabbix is a monitoring tool that provides visibility into your IT infrastructure stack. It monitors the network, server, cloud, application, and services. Our solution is the industry leader in real-time data analytics and insights into metrics for well-known monitoring applications on private and public clouds. It streamlines and automates monitoring tasks such as updates, upgrades, insights into metrics, and backup and restore. Our solution developed the first production-grade operator for Zabbix applications for Day-2 activities.

  1. Our solution is scalable to any infrastructure, from smart home monitoring to multi-tenant enterprise management.
  2. Implement a distributed Zabbix infrastructure with native encryption between all components through a Web-based UI.
  3. A vault external to your organization will ensure the security of your sensitive information.
  4. We provide high availability solution that ensures 24/7 uptime and negates the risk of data loss.
  5. Our solution makes data collection, transformation, analysis, and visualization possible.
  6. Our solution provides enterprise-level monitoring and support to customers worldwide through 250+ global partners and more than a dozen external vendors.

Network Monitoring

Our solution provides network bandwidth usage, high CPU and memory utilization, upgraded firmware network health, network performance, and configuration changes monitoring.

Server Monitoring

Our solution for public and private cloud-native applications provides server monitoring like server performance, configuration changes monitoring, server availability, network bandwidth usage, interface error rate, and CPU and memory utilization.

Cloud Monitoring

Like any other cloud provider, our solution enhances cloud monitoring. With Zabbix, you can leverage storage utilization, network bandwidth, high speed, caching, and backup and recovery. 

Application Monitoring

You can also monitor your applications and view insights into metrics with our solution. It also enhances application management, updates, upgrades, storage utilization, visualization, cloud, container, clusters, and infrastructure monitoring. 

Service Monitoring

You can view log files, notification and alerting, and operation alerts with service monitoring. 

transformation features.