Run and Manage WordPress Website

Upgrade, Scaling, Reliability and Redundancy, Fast Speed, Backup & Restore, and Security for WordPress websites on any Public & Private Cloud

More than 40% of today’s websites are built on WordPress. Bloggers, influencers, writers, researchers, digital marketing companies, and enterprises use WordPress to make their websites more user-friendly and SEO oriented. Enterprises are opting for cloud-native solutions for CMS applications.

For well-known CMS applications on private and public clouds, our solution is the industry leader in Real-Time Data Store and Content Management that streamlines and automates content base tasks like provisioning, monitoring, upgrading, patching, scaling, volume expansion, backup and restore, failure detection, and recovery. For its Day-2 activities, our solution created the first production-grade operator for WordPress websites.

With WordPress’s flexible in-memory data structures, it is possible to build a data infrastructure that will meet the demands of real-time applications that require low latency and high performance.

Backup & Restore

You’ll need a disaster recovery option for your WordPress applications to shield them from accidental data loss. We ensure to provide you with the solutions to back up and restore your applications.


Your data must pass through a cryptographic protocol that offers end-to-end security of the data transmission over the network to protect applications. With our solution, you can save your cloud-native applications. Additionally, we enable you to use encrypted storage for your CMS using keys that you control via the key management tool provided by your cloud provider.

Faster Speed

Hosting a WordPress website on a cloud server is typically faster than on a traditional server. Our solution gives you exclusive access to a cluster of interconnected servers that provides many virtual resources for your WordPress website. Your site’s performance won’t be affected by a traffic spike on another customer’s site or a technical issue on one of the servers in the cloud cluster. Instead, your website will continue to load quickly for your visitors.

Redundancy and Reliability

Our cloud-based WordPress hosting network is designed to provide you with redundant and reliable solutions for your website.