Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework. It comes with all the tools you need to create amazing web applications on both the front and back ends.

Our solution for Ruby on Rails renders HTML templates, updates databases, sends and receives emails, maintains live pages over WebSockets, queuing jobs for asynchronous work, stores uploads in the cloud, and solid security protection for common attacks.

Active Records for Easy Modeling
Databases come to life by encapsulating business logic in rich objects. Our solution provides model associations between tables, stores callbacks, seamlessly encrypt sensitive data, and beautifully formulates SQL queries.

Action Controllers for Requests
Controllers expose the domain model to the web, process incoming parameters, establish caching headers, and render templates, returning HTML or JSON in response.

Ruby and HTML for Action Views
With our solution, you can use templates advantage of Ruby’s flexibility, extra code is removed into helpers, and the domain model is used directly and interwoven with the HTML.

Action Dispatch URLs for routing
Using the routing domain language, configure how URLs connect to controllers. Routes reveal the collection of activities that comprise a resource: index, display, new, create, edit, update, and delete.