Run and Manage Plesk

Plesk is the ultimate WordPress toolkit. This powerful tool helps you install, manage, update, and secure all your websites in one place. With Plesk, you can automate regression testing, cloning, creating staging environments, and restoring backups and restores.
We provide a solution for global web professionals, including infrastructure providers, IT admins, developers, content managers, and digital agencies.
For well-known CMS applications on private and public clouds, our solution is the industry leader in Real-Time Data Store and Content Management that streamlines and automates content base tasks like updating, monitoring, upgrading, patching, scaling, fast performance, volume expansion, security, and disaster recovery. For its Day-2 activities, our solution created the first production-grade operator for Plesk sites.
Plesk provides over 100 extensions and a WP toolkit, certified to hyper-scale into the cloud.

Infrastructure Providers
You can keep your server’s system running smoothly with Plesk, the always-up-to-date control panel. Our solution provides easy installation of Plesk, pre-deploys it with a master image, and deploys other new servers just by cloning. In addition, Plesk supports Linux, CloudLinux, Linux, Ubuntu, RedHat EL, Debian, and Windows.

IT Admins
Plesk can be easily installed and used to automate the administration and management of thousands of virtual servers on a single system.
Plesk keeps your control panel and server’s system up to date. In addition, our solution is compatible with various operating systems, including AlmaLinux, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, RedHat EL, Debian, and Windows.

Plesk’s integrated platform with full development and deployment features makes web developers’ lives easier. Plesk is simple to install and can run on Linux and Windows virtual machines. Furthermore, it enables you to construct, secure, manage, and maintain all types of webpages up to date, including WordPress sites and PHP, Node.js, Ruby, or Joomla-based sites.

Content Managers
Create, secure, and manage content projects of any size and complexity. Set your sites to look and perform the way you want.

Digital Agencies
Install Plesk using a command-line interface and easily manage all your customer accounts. Prepare to equip your development and content teams with the best tools possible.