OpenFaaS can be deployed anywhere Kubernetes is installed. Because our templates adhere to best practices, you can create and deploy a new function to production in minutes, certain that it will scale to meet demand.
With our solution, you can create an Open Source codebase with flexible auto-scaling, event connectors, monitoring, a new dashboard, GitOps, and several degrees of support.
Our solution provides code snippets to enhance your platform using OpenFaaS.
The Function Builder API can be used to convert source code into functions that can be published via the OpenFaaS REST API. Network policies, resource limits, a runtime class, a read-only filesystem and a dedicated namespace means their code will be as isolated as possible.

We provide great templates that help you to get your code into production within minutes.

You can be fine-tuned the functionalities of automation applications to scale by the sort of traffic they receive, even down to zero, to save money.

Event-Driven Workloads
Our solution provides you to invoke functions through events from Apache Kafka, AWS SQS, PostgreSQL, Cron, and MQTT.