OpenEBS enables Developers and Platform SREs to effortlessly deploy Kubernetes Stateful Workloads that require fast and highly reliable container-attached storage. Our solution for OpenEBS converts any storage available on Kubernetes worker nodes into local or distributed Kubernetes Persistent Volumes.
Our solution provides multi-cloud storage, Kubernetes native storage, and open-source leader.

Multi-Cloud Storage
We provide automated provisioning and storage replication across pods.

Kubernetes Native Storage
OpenEBS runs entirely in userspace, making deployment and maintenance a snap.

Open Source Leader
The largest, most active Kubernetes storage project with the biggest user base and community, our solution for OpenEBS is built by K8s SREs and experts.

Container Storage
We provide container storage for your infrastructure automation applications that provide agility and flexibility.

Backup and recovery
You can easily migrate your workload from the dev to the production environment and enhance the backup and recovery of your infrastructure.