Unlike other JavaScript runtimes, Node.js allows you to build scalable network applications asynchronously. Using our solution for Node.js, you can run your applications on Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, and more. It runs on the V8 JavaScript Engine, so JavaScript code can be executed outside a web browser using Node.js.
We provide a solution for server-side scripting and writing command line tools that allow developers to use JavaScript.

Using our solution, you can easily provision development applications via Node.js. You can streamline the procedure with the solutions provided by us.

Version Upgrade
It is challenging to upgrade the application version. There should be a particular sequence for upgrade operations. You can update your active developed application’s version with our solution without experiencing any downtime. Any significant or small update to the Node.js version is compatible with developed app upgrades.

You must ensure that your application is scalable to increase performance. Node.js is capable of both vertical and horizontal scaling. Utilizing our solution, you can easily expand your developed application.

Backup & Restore
You’ll need a disaster recovery option for your application to shield it from accidental data loss. We ensure to provide you with the solutions to back up and restore your applications.

Your data must pass through a cryptographic protocol that offers end-to-end security of the data transmission over the network to protect developed applications. With our solution, you can save your Node.js developed applications. Additionally, we enable you to use encrypted storage for your applications using keys that you control via the key management tool provided by your cloud provider.

We include built-in Prometheus monitoring functionality. If you want to watch your applications developed using Node.js, use the built-in Prometheus scrapper or the CoreOS Prometheus Operator. The Grafana lets you see important operational measures like instance connections, I/O activity, compute memory, and storage capacity utilization.