Harbor is an open-source repository that secures artifacts through policies and role-based access control, scans images for vulnerabilities, and signs them as trustworthy.
Kubernetes and Docker are just two examples of platforms on which our Harbor solution helps organizations deliver a consistent image management solution.
We provide compliance, performance, and interoperability by leveraging cloud-native compute platforms such as Kubernetes and Docker.

Our solution for Harbor provides your deployed applications with security and vulnerability analysis. We also do content signing and validation. With our solution, you can save your Harbor-developed applications. Additionally, we enable you to use encrypted storage for your applications using keys that you control via the key management tool provided by your cloud provider.

We provide a solution for Harbor that helps you with multi-tenant management, extensible API and web UI management, replication across registries, identity integration and role-based access control.

You must ensure that your application is scalable to increase performance. Harbor is capable of both vertical and horizontal scaling. Utilizing our solution, you can easily expand your developed application.