Grafana is an operational dashboard for data visualization, Kubernetes monitoring, observability, and visibility. It offers various graphical presentations for data analytics, insights into data, metrics, logs, traces, and much more. Our solution for Grafana provides you with the power for metrics, logs, traces and alerting. Create, explore, and share beautiful dashboards that combine data from multiple sources to foster a data-driven culture within your team.
Our solution is the industry leader in real-time data analytics and insights into metrics for well-known monitoring applications on private and public clouds. It streamlines and automates monitoring tasks such as updates, upgrades, insights into metrics, and backup and restore. Our solution developed the first production-grade operator for Grafana applications for Day-2 activities.

All your applications and infrastructure around the globe can be viewed together in one place, allowing you to see raw, unsampled metrics. Graphite and PromQL queries are blazing fast for querying high-cardinality data. Analytics, visualizations, and alerts for all your metrics are centrally managed.

A single location for all your logs from all your applications and infrastructure is available with Grafana’s log aggregation and storage system. With Grafana Loki, Promtail, Fluentd, Fluentbit, and Logstash, it is easy to export logs.

It can be used as a distributed tracing backend with high scalability and cost-efficiency, requiring only object storage to operate.OpenTelemetry, Zipkin, and Jaeger are all compatible open-source tracing protocols.

Unify Data
Unlike a backend store and vendor database, Grafana does not require you to ingest data into any of them. By unifying your existing data, Grafana provides a “single-pane-of-glass”.

Data for all
Grafana was built on the protocol that data should be accessible to everyone.

Flexible and Versatile
Transform any of your data into adaptable and versatile dashboards. Grafana, unlike other technologies, allows you to create tailored dashboards. 
To create genuinely valuable visualizations, you can customize your panels with advanced querying and transformation features.