Flask is used for developing Python web applications, implemented on Werkzeug and Jinja2. For Flask, we offer the following solutions:
An integrated development server and a fast debugger are provided
Easily portable
Cookies with secure encryption are supported
Jinja2 templating
Request dispatching using REST
Support for unit testing is built-in

Application structure and lifecycle
Setting up the lifecycle management of an application is quite hectic. Our solution for Flask provides you with complete lifecycle management of an application.

Working with the Shell
The interactive shell is one of the reasons why everyone loves Python. It essentially allows you to run Python commands in real-time and receive immediate responses. Our solution for Flask does not have an interactive shell because it does not require any initial setup; import your application and begin experimenting.

Security considerations
Web applications frequently address an array of security issues, and getting everything right is extremely difficult. We provide backup and recovery of your applications and maintenance of their data with ensured security.