For Kubernetes, Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool. Version control and declarative definitions should be used for application definitions, configurations, and environments. The deployment, lifecycle management, and auditing of applications should be automated, auditable, and easily understandable.
Our solution for Argo CD provides complete application lifecycle management, access and rollback, prevention from downtime, scale infrastructure, backup and restore, and a lot more.

Security and Compliance
With our solution, you can automate your security and compliance policies. You can also leverage visibility and traceability to changes.

Backup & Restore
You’ll need a disaster recovery option for your application to shield it from accidental data loss. We ensure to provide you with the solutions to back up and restore your applications.

Version Upgrade
It is challenging to upgrade the application version. There should be a particular sequence for upgrade operations. You can update your active developed application’s version with our solution without experiencing any downtime. Any significant or small update to the Argo CD version is compatible with developed app upgrades.

You must ensure that your application is scalable to increase performance. Argo CD is capable of both vertical and horizontal scaling. Utilizing our solution, you can easily expand your developed application.